Mentalist Lior Suchard's Freaks Out The Jonas Brothers

פורסם בתאריך 5 מרץ 2019
James welcomes world-class mentalist Lior Suchard who demonstrates to Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas how the power of influence and the mind can help him predict numbers and music on a truly unbelievable level.
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  • damnn im blown af

  • Americans are so stupid...

  • Has to be staged

  • i love what Kevin is wearing

  • Who knows his Instagram username?

  • Bastards can you hear me?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nick's expressions are really difficult to interpret!

  • this really isn't that crazy

  • This French guy is owning the show

  • I was thinking of 10 because he pointed at 10

  • The triangle he hit had three sides, he hit the triangle three times, and 7+3=10. Easy stuff. I swear I wrote this out before he explained it

  • “Yes exposed him” XD 😹

  • I thought of 7 and 3 both without watching.

  • Um the six people to the side clearly saw him pull out the triangle and slam the triangle three times, so why didn't they think of three???

  • Nick was NOT with the shits... lol

  • Fake

  • I get the rest kind of ... but how did he pick all the random numbers of people on stage, if it wasn't staged (no pun) ... he hardly looked at them.... he would have had to manipulate them on stage to have the queen song work.

  • Amazing

  • I was thinking of 7 as well!😂

  • How the hell he reading the mind of people!

  • The Jonas brothers didn’t speak for the first 3 minutes straight lmaooo

  • How does he do it?

  • Jonas brothers were angry because James didn't introduce their names..but of mentalist

  • This is absolutely INSANE. Lior can I please marry you?!?! OMMMMGGG

  • Put it on the table. P-put on the table. *James Corden flips out*

  • This is the 4th video of lior suchard that im watching right now....have no idea how he does all that and i was in awe while watching all his tricks....but when he used the music triangle i knew all the audience would think of number three cause he hit that triangle three times and i felt like a fucking magician hah! Take that you magnificent lior

  • Even I thought of the number 7 is it weird...? How many of you did too?

  • Well, apparently witchcraft is real...

  • I knew he was going to say 3 so I didn’t think of 3... I thought of 8😂😂

    • I did the same fucking thing lmao, hitting the triangle 3 times was so obvious i changed to 8 😂

  • Okay 1, when he yelled at them to cover their ears and then yelled at the girl because she could hear..... COVERING YOUR EARS DO SH*T 2, even I could tell joe was thinking about the number 7

  • 😮

  • OMG read my name with the number 7 and 3 too😱😱😄😄 I thought the number 3 before he rang the triangle but when he rang the bell 3 time i knew he was going to say that

  • Wait wth I thought or 7 and 3 too is this just me?!?!

  • I started loving the Jonas brothers just by binging their videos on IL-tv. I love all of them so much but idk why I stan Kevin so much. Idk why he’s just so down to earth

  • 11:32 "expose him" adjksdfg

  • I think It's scripted, he called on a girl who looked like one of the other actors ,realized he was wrong and told her to sit back down, also the " audience members" that got called up didn't look impressed at all.

  • I don't know man, his overall vibe is just so annoying to me. But that's my problem i guess

  • when he said think of a number one-ten i acutally thought of 7😂😂

  • more pre-show tricks and dual reality

  • Kevin jonas, the only enthusiastic brother here


  • HOLY SHIT I WAS THINKING OF BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY TOO WTF *whispers* what is this sorcery

  • That is insane omg


  • Well he *is* from hogwarts...

  • Oooommmmmggggg

  • he even guess my number 3

  • Wow I thought of the number 3 I didn’t know he hit it 3times lol then he said and everyone wants to shout I was like yes I do then James pick up the card and it’s the best fun song ever lol I love this show


  • Parlor tricks



  • באתי לראיון עם האחים ג'ונאס....פתאום וידאו של ליאור סושארדדדדדדד מה קורה ליאור

  • ' We don't need to shake everyone's hands ' 😂😂

  • Nick acting like a Dick bothers me so freaking much 😒

  • He has good skills. Obviously he has practiced worked his whole life. I want to believe all of these tricks are real, but IDK if all of them are real.

  • Wtf, that's annoying. How the hell are they impressed

  • Nick is like "jesus fuckin, can I go home now?"

  • did anyone else find that guy a bit annoying lol

  • I love how the boys were in silent skepticism

  • I think I know why Nick looks a bit annoyed. It's probably because Nick is a chill/calm person and He likes a person that is also chill/calm too like him. A person who talk too fast and too aggressive sometimes could annoyed a calm and chill personalities type.

  • I need to see the behind the scene of this show......😞

  • Even I was thinking bohemian Rhapsody

  • My ARMY brain working to find which song the word mama came from: JackHobiPot!

  • Wow

  • IPO

  • lior sushard is a proud to israel

  • 8:45 nick is so impressed

  • I actually really enjoyed this. It's not pretending to be anything mystical, and the guy admits that it's about strategy and understanding how people think. Good job!

  • Holy shit

  • Amazing

  • He's the kooolest guy on earth

  • jick Jonas didnt give a F*CK

  • very honestly I thought 2 when he used the triangle

  • 5:38 ok so i was playing along and i swear on everything i picked the number 7 omg 😭😭😭😭 CRAZY omg

  • I guess 7

  • That didn’t sound like bohemian rhapsody to me at all 🤷🏾‍♀️

    • its literary the same keys, i play the piano so i can confirm

  • The mentalist definitely looked when James put the book down

  • nick looks like he doesn’t wanna be here probably cuz he wants to go make another wedding in india

  • the 3 one was stupid. or the audience is really that impressionable (and dumb) to be tricked that way by the obvious 3 chimes of the triangle

  • pretty sure everyone in the room is in on it

  • Might be coincidence, but I thought of 3 before he brought out the triangle. Mentalism is cool, but a lot of Suchard's tricks are kinda simple. I think he gets his popularity from his attitude. He's very good at controlling a room. Nick being skeptical through the whole thing was great.

  • Re watching this shit again cus i cant believe when he said chose a song me and nick frckn thought of bohemian rhapsody

  • Ok but tell me why when he said think of a song me and nick thought of bohemian rhapsody !!!!!! Deadass i thought of bohemian wtffffff

  • Does anyone believe that this is real

  • He sounds like Nico Bolzico Husband of Solen 😂😂🇵🇭

  • I was thinking of 7, It blew my mind wtf😂😂

  • 8:40 one lady stood lately. Was it all fake?????!!

  • I was thinking of 6 but then he said we have 6 people here then before he did the triangle I thought of 3 then he hit the triangle 3 times and I was like nah I’m not getting tricked I’m thinking of 4 😂

  • the reaction at 10:17 is so fake.this is clearly fake

  • More like Lior Suchard freaks out James corden😂😂

  • I thought of 7 too! 🙄

  • Omg! I had to bust a laugh on 9:16 with Kevin´s "I-Heard-It Face"

  • Omg I was also thinking of Bohemian Rhapsodyyyy😍😍

  • He literally took over Jame’s show 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nick was not having it😂😂he was like wtf is going on 😂😂😂

  • I wish they would bring more people from around the world !

  • I thought of 3. He hit the triangle 3 times. I got mad at how obvious he was and changed to 8.

  • *Lior Suchard exposed* Here are several youtube links exposing Lior Suchard's bogus claims to be a “real” mind reader....LS uses a variety of methods to “blow” minds. Basically, they're magic tricks, level 7 out of 10 ("invisible thread", playing cards' double lift, quickly bending a spoon a split-second before starting to shake it etc.). .He's a good prestidigitator, and a good conversational tactician. Being young, energetic, and quite handsome makes him “believable” to untrained minds/eyes..LS is not competent in neurolinguistc programming - his English vocabulary choices and syntax usage are always mediocre. .He's not a good body-language reader, not even a facial micro-expressions interpreter. Such abilities require patience to observe and analyze, while LS is always in a hurry :) . He talks a lot, and he talks fast, cutting people off just in time to not reveal his pre-performance setups. There are naive people on the internet, and his boisterous pretences boggle their minds. Unfortunately, youngsters are easily impressionable. .LS has crucial "benign" pre-performance requests for his targeted subjects. A lot is exposed in this TV interview: . Larry King revealed the pre-show preparation done on him (see @ 0:23), and LS cuts him off right away: A similar thing happened with one of his TV hosts, in a live interview/performance (see @ 2:51): .And the same thing, another interview -- see 2:58: On "The late late show with James Corden”, LS's pre-show b.s. is the reason Alice Eve is not impressed DURING the show: at 1:37, when LS asked "Did you ever tell me your PIN code?", Harry Connick Jr. almost gives away some conditional answer like "I did not really TELL you, but I wrote it down...", so LS quickly rephrases his question and points to his ears so that Harry can answer "No, you did not" wholeheartedly. . LS never performed on Pen & Teller's “Fool Us” show, and he never will.

  • i think they all are fooling us.