Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

פורסם בתאריך 14 מרץ 2019
Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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  • This better be true for bandana dee’s sake

  • Wow cant wait

  • This film is 3 hours long

    • 3 hours and 2 minutes

  • Avenge the Fallen.....


  • Awesome!

  • I think Stan Lee cameo would be like passing a grave yard and seeing his name .that would be cool

  • *watches trailer 1000000 times*: I like this one.

  • Rest in peace stan

  • 1.56 tony stark iron man on planet earth

  • Some people just copy and paste the top comment... But not us... Not us...

  • Yall always underestimate hawkeye when he is the one that is probably gonna carry the avengers. R/wooooooosh

    • His wife is hot. 😍😍

  • Can't wait for antman to jump into thanos booty hole!

  • WHY haven't the tickets gone on sale yet? WHY??!!

  • When this comes out the box office is going to be shaking in its boots

  • one month to go!

  • Rip Stan Lee He is the legend who started this and he will always be remembered Some will forget *but not us*

  • I was expecting imagine dragons "whatever it takes" to play.

  • 0:51 *missing dialogue from Ragnarok* "I'm not as strong as you" "No.. you're stronger"

  • This will be the best 3 hours of my life

  • Anyone ever wonder what if u were pregnant and u turned to dust like would your baby just like fall out?

  • Dose this mean it the end? Like the end of marvel

  • 1 month.

  • Loki : I have been falling for 30 minutes 🤣🤣🤣 I hope there is a part in the movie about that

  • Avenge The Fallen. Whatever it takes.

  • It's a shame Endgame is going to revenue less than infinity war. Thanos snapped a lot of Marvel supporters away

  • i get goosebumps everytime i watch this

  • Thanos=grape. Therefore the reason he isn't in this trailer, is because they did surgery on him.

  • I waited for this movie for 2 months

  • Anyone know the music in the background?

  • Movie of the decade...literally

  • 1:46 ant man going into thanos’ butthole.

  • Thor at 1:35 😱


  • i wish i had that "whatever it takes" attitude at school

  • Oh snap

  • During spring break too, perfect !!! 😁😁

  • 1:34 Ant-Man realizing what he must do. Whatever it takes.

  • Thanks star lord we have another Avengers Movie :')

  • I came here to cure the canser I got from watching DC films

  • Where is M'Baku

    • +Jevin François Jameschristy .... Yes, he survived the Decimation.

    • +Stogie2112 so he didn't disapear but he was in Avenger infinity war

    • Jevin François Jameschristy .... He’s taken over Wakanda, and he’s busy with his Royal Harem.

  • Article 13. We're in the end game now lads.

  • Lol it sounds like they took the music from the season 3 battle pass trailer at the start

  • Who is here after the featurette?

  • Man there should be 14,000,608 avengers movies, not just 4. Marvel you are better than this

  • Is it true this movie is gonna be 3 hours long?

  • Goku: Oh yeah! A new strong guy! *gets beat to a pulp* Goku: Vegeta! Let's fuse!

  • Avenge the fallen.

  • "Whatever It takes"

  • Whatever it takes

  • I'm not ready

  • This trailer presents how europeans feel about article 13

  • Another flop marvel movie smh

  • Avenge the fAllen

  • Where's Peter parker(spidrrman)

  • So no Black Widow x Hulk anymore? People no longer ship them, so now its widow x hawkeye?

  • There's more hair changes in this trailer the people dusted

  • When Hawkeye realised his barber disappeared: Fine, I'll fo it myself.

  • Rocket and War Machine is the duo you never knew you wanted

  • Some people can wait 1 month ..... But not us 😡😡

  • Some people choose dc BUT NOT US NOT US

  • Some people won’t stay for 3 Hours But Not Us NOT US

  • 1:13 “bananas”

  • So many good movies coming out in 2019.

  • Wow the biggest regret of my life is is coming I won't be able to watch this because of final exams😐😬

  • this is FAKE TRAILER dude, Russo Brothers is Confirmed

  • I like this one.... ❤️❤️❤️


  • Woah...

  • Notice how everyone that died had the colour red on them in the black and white scene? Thor and Captain America are in red too. And Tony's Suit is red too but not him.

  • Xxxtentacion died to the snap

  • Thanos wiped out half of the population..Hawkeye might have had lice in his his hair style makes sense.

  • Sad that the only four people who said whatever it takes were : Captain Blackwidow Hawkeye or Ronin Tony Stark Will they be the ones to die?

    • Hawkeye released enough deathflags in Age of Ultron that it`s a miracle he`s still alive. Those flags will kill him and take the others with him.

  • I honestly have no idea why I’m so happy that rocket is alive and with the avengers 🥳

  • You know a movie will be awesome when people play the same trailer over and over 😜

  • Cant wait to see galactus!! In it

  • Some people leave during the post credit scenes But not us Not us

  • One month to this day bois! THE HYPE!!!

  • Roses are red So are the flashbacks I can’t help feeling That Peter Parker should make a comeback Some might be sad About scarlet witch or black panther I’m only sad That the only bug based hero that survived was Ant Man Peter’s so young So new to the Avengers Can’t help feeling that He should be avenged the most He is important And probably the strongest He is amazing And his death was the saddest Tell me I’m wrong Tell me I’m right I think that Peter Parker Should’ve made it through the night Like or comment if you agree

    • Ilse Dale this deserves to be top comment

  • Omgggg I’m so exciteddddddddd

  • what insane group of people gave this 45k dislikes

    • +Darren Chavez meh,just irritated to see it

    • +Python339 • you have a point

    • I bet about 10k were accidental, and for the 35K other ones they’re probably DC fanboys

    • Jan I can’t believe you and other people only pay attention to that, honestly who cares

  • Prediction: Natasha will kill Thanos with her gun, because the bullets are pure Silver with Holy Water inside.

    • Stogie2112 yeah exactly that’s why the part with her practicing her shot is so important. She’s gonna put one right between Thanos’ eyes!

  • Hulk??!!

  • Captain Marvel didn’t move because she knows Thor doesn’t go for the head

  • Just waiting for that moment when Tony build that iron man suit out of vibranium and puts the infinity stones in his suit and destroys it all!!!!!!!!!!

  • Some people will go to toilet in the middle of the movie Banans

  • "And sometimes the best we can do, is to start over." If that doesn't foreshadow time travel (literally starting over), I don't know what does

    • Same with the line in the new TV spot Captain America said “today we have a chance to take it all back”

    • Or it was a personal message to Steve Rogers that he should start his life over, that he should let go of the past and live in the present.

  • If only peter (Star lord) didn’t rage at the over grown grape his brain is a seed I only like seedless grapes

  • Captain Marvel didn't move because she know Thor does go for the head .....


  • Thanos face when Black Widow pulls up on him with a pistol 😐

  • Where is Thanos? BRING ME THANOS!!!

  • This trailer came out only 1 week ago? gah it seems like 1000 years ago

  • Thanos wiped up half of the universe and Black Widow wanna kill him with a Glock 19 or 9mm??? Thanos be like: am i joke to you🐸

  • 1:44 Well Look Who It Is

  • After 1:44 you see thanos explode.

  • Im not looking at the comment section bc I haven't seen Captain Marvel and I don't want spoilers

  • Ахуенно!

  • 🇺🇸

  • This movie should be called avengers: whatever it takes because it was used a lot in the trailer lol